This blog is closed, it was living between 2008-2011, till I was a teacher and project manager at the Janos Zsigmond Unitarian High School.

Since then the blog is not used anymore, but older information about our work can still be found and read.

Dear Readers,

I open this blog as the teacher of a young and enthusiastic group of students. My field of studies are social sciences, like Philosophy, Psychology, PR, Advertising etc. My students are aged between 14-18. I think, that being able to participate in different projects sponsored by the European Union or other organizations, which emphasize the importance of social and cultural problems that take place in present or to teach about these issues, represent a great possibility to open the youngsters mind, to involve them in every-day life. This is how they will learn about handling problems, use the opportunities they meet and build new methods techniques for boosting the society in which they live. Why do I write about our achievements, our projects? Because it is not enough to participate. In this case only those will know about our work who are there, who participate at the workshop or to whom we will give an account of everything. But in my opinion the dissemination of our projects is important, because my aim is to offer an introspection for everyone who is interested in working with children, realizing different projects. The blog has also details for parents, my student and colleges. They will find here the latest information regarding the projects we are involved in, or books, essays to read and learn from. The registered users will be able to communicate with us, leave comments, ask questions, join our work.

dr. Réka Nagy, teacher

All the information (articles, essays etc.) and photos are property of the author. Without her agreement they cannot be used by a second party.


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